Customized Hat Colors:

We can provide customized colors for your hat to match a special gown, dress or suit. Just send us a fabric sample and we will do our best to match the color. Just call us with your inquires.

We can re-trim Your Hat!:

Do you have an old hat that could use an updated look? Let us re-style your hat with a new and fresh look!

Our Buyer’s Show:

Are you a fashionista customer who like’s to wear a new look each year?

Be the first to buy the latest look in fashion accessories or hat. Attend the our annual buyer’s show. To be placed on our invite mailing list send this a request to:

Hat Party’s

It’s time to schedule your party or special event such as a birthday, or wedding party’s gift party.  Contact us today and schedule your hat party today!


Do you need to raise funds for a worthy cause? We provide a means to raise funds for organizations, churches, and schools. For more information contact us at

PROM & Wedding Accessories

Custom Fabric Corsages are make of handcrafted flowers and can be order in various colors and fabrics. Our corsages are made in two styles necklace style or wristlets. You may send us your fabric to match an out fit or we can use our in house stock. For the men we can make boutonieres to coordinate with your Prom date’s dress or wedding party.